Proyectos adjudicados 2021

Académicos de la Facultad se destacan en negrita. (Faculty members are bolded)

  1. Retamal, P.; Escobar, A.; Valdivieso, N.; Abalos, P. 2021. The BCG vaccine for preventing bovine tuberculosis: seeking evidence on specific and non-specific effects under a two-dose schedule in field conditions of central Chile. FONDECYT Regular. 4 años.
  2. Cornejo, J.; Maddaleno A.; Lapierre, L. 2021. Antimicrobial residue dissemination into food-producing animal environments and associated risks: A comprehensive study of an emerging hazard in intensive husbandry systems. FONDECYT Regular. 3 años
  3. Luna, D.; Yáñez, J.M. 2021. The microbiota-gut-brain axis as a new biological pathway modulated by human-animal interactions: Alterations on microbiota and its influence on behavior and welfare of pigs. FONDECYT Iniciación. 3 años